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Edamame: An Interesting, Warm Weather, Easy-care Crop

Every time my husband and I go out for sushi (once in a blue moon!) we have to order a bowl of delicious, steamy, salty edamame.  It’s a must. Sushi just does not taste the same without an edamame appetizer. So, you can imagine how excited I am to learn how to grow...

Attract Customers To Your Market Stand With PEANUTS!

Now, peanuts may not be the very first crop you think about growing when starting a market farm. But once you find out that you can grow your very own peanuts, it's hard not to think of how cool it would be to grow them yourself and sell locally grown peanuts at the...
How To Grow Green Beans On Your Market Farm

How To Grow Green Beans On Your Market Farm

Green beans are a great addition to your market garden. If you choose varieties that are appropriate for your farm, and give thought to planting dates, it’s possible to get high yields and keep them coming till frost. Green beans for shelling (harvesting when dry or...

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