While getting in front of a camera and talking is not everybody’s cup of tea, having a presence on social media, including YouTube is an important part of establishing trust, engaging with your audience and customers, as well as helping establish yourself as an authority.

YouTube marketing makes it easier to connect and engage with audiences through video, compared with written content, like this blog.

Better yet, use both mediums, a website (blog) and YouTube (video). Combining the written word with a video is a great way for your audience to consume your content in whichever form they prefer.

As well, linking to your website from your Youtube channel and vice versa looks really good to the almighty Google algorithm and just may help in climbing the Google ranks.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the reasons why you should start a YouTube channel for your market farm.

Building Trust and Credibility with your Market

There are numerous ways how YouTube videos can help build trust and credibility with your target audience. Here is a couple:


Every business can use video testimonials to build trust for their brand and credibility for their products and services. 

For a market farmer, this can mean that you use video testimonials of customers raving about the veggies you produce and how nice and knowledgeable you are as a farmer.

Testimonials do not have to be professionally shot, a simple cell phone video will do.

How-To Videos

Now I know you can potentially have tons of how-to content.

Basically, everything you do on your market farm can have a How-to slapped in front of it and made into a video.

Try to get into the frame of mind of an expert, and ask yourself “Would others like to know about this?” If the answer is “yes” then make a video.

Pretty much everything we do is new to us so we will be recording just about every job we do around the farm.

Really, anything that can help someone else is worth a YouTube video, at least in my opinion.

Establishing Yourself As An Authority

YouTube is a great opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in the market garden niche.

This of course will take time, especially for newbies like us. But when your audience can watch you go from nothing to something, it helps cement you as an authority. 

Building something from the ground up means that you have the experience and knowledge to help others.

Running a successful market garden is the ultimate goal, and once you are doing so, others will turn to you for guidance. That’s how you establish authority.

If your market garden is already successful, that’s awesome! Please give us some helpful information!

Seriously though, that’s amazing and you can start helping people immediately. 

Instead of showing how to build your business from the ground up, you could demonstrate how to keep a market farm running successfully for the long run.

You could also explain what works for you and what doesn’t with essentially all elements of your market farm.

The possibilities are really endless on the video content you can create.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your content should be helpful. Your audience should learn a valuable tidbit of information from your videos.

As well, when local viewers find your videos and enjoy your content, they will be more inclined to purchase your veggies over your competitors.

Once you make your amazing how-to videos, don’t forget to embed them on your website somewhere, either in a related blog post or somewhere else that makes sense.

Effectively Engaging With Your Target Audience

Another great reason why you should use YouTube in your marketing plans is that it provides an opportunity to effectively connect with people interested in you and your market farm.

Engaging with your target audience is important for long-term success. YouTube allows you to stay engaged in a variety of ways.

For example, video comments are a vital part of the platform. Viewers can leave their feedback and questions in the comment section under each video.

This is an opportunity for you to reply to comments and answer any questions viewers have. This helps you establish authority as well. 

This will also have a positive effect on you as a market farmer because every time a new viewer comes across the comments you have taken the time to respond to, they will take notice and know that you really do care about market farming and its community.

Just Do It!

Jon and I just started our YouTube channel for our market farm. We currently have one video with the plan of uploading weekly.

Is our video perfect? No.

Were we comfortable making it? No.

Are we glad we did it? Yes!

Will We get better in time? I certainly hope so!

Please check out our awkward first video. It’s OK, you can laugh at us!

We strongly believe that we can help people through our videos, either by how-to’s or by how-not-to’s!

This is our first-year market farming, so of course, we don’t have all the answers, but there are many people out there in our shoes looking for some help just like we are.

Our goal is to document our journey from essentially a hayfield to a working, profitable market farm.

My advice is to you if you are hesitant about starting a YouTube channel is to just start.

Make a plan and start.

Don’t overthink it.

Filming that first video is the toughest but once you’re over that first hurdle, it gets easier.

Just start already!

Want some inspiration? Here are the YouTubers we watch for helpful market farm information.

Do you have a YouTube channel for your market farm? If so, feel free to leave your link in the comments below so that we can learn from each other.

Stay Local,

Kathy & Jon

your friendly neighbourhood growers



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