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Leeks: An Easy To Grow, Tasty, Hardy, Eye-Catching Crop!

If you are unfamiliar with leeks, they have a mellow onion-like flavour with no pungency. They are kind of like a super-sized green onion. However, they are not onions. For growers, leeks are a wonderful, tasty, hardy, attractive vegetable that is fairly easy to grow...

Potato Onions: A Must Have Crop For Sustainable Growers

Ok, full disclosure, before reading Pam Dawling’s book, Sustainable Market Farming, I had no idea what a potato onion was. In fact, I didn’t even know that such a crop existed. This is yet another reason why continually educating yourself is so important. Without...
How To Tearlessly Grow Onions On Your Market Farm

How To Tearlessly Grow Onions On Your Market Farm

Onions are one of those crops that you should be growing on your market farm.  Onions are widely consumed by most families and can be sold throughout the whole market season. Mind you, they are not the most profitable crop around, but they are popular, and you can set...

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