“Let’s get a logo designed on Fiverr,” I said. “It will be quick and cheap,” I said.

Hey, I’m Kathy. My husband Jon and I are starting a market garden in the spring of 2021.

We wanted to get a logo made in early 2021, mostly so that we had a brand and actually felt like we were starting a business.

I have to admit, using Fiverr for our logo design was not our first choice. We reached out to a friend who had graphic design experience first because if we both preferred to use someone we knew, for logistics reasons as well as the fact that we would rather pay a friend than a stranger.

However, this plan did not come to fruition and we ended up using Fiverr instead.

Now, this was not my first experience using Fiverr, I had used them in the past for a very simple logo design that cost me all of $10, so nothing too serious.

Regardless, I had some experience using Fiverr and was somewhat comfortable doing so. 

I follow a YouTuber/Blogger who I trust and gives pretty good information about all things building a business online, so I felt confident using his recommendation of a particular Fiverr designer for our logo.

How To Pick A Logo Designer On Fiverr

Here are a few tips to help you pick out a logo designer:

  1. Use a recommendation (highly recommended)
  2. Scour the reviews of designers in your price range
  3. Look at the designer’s own logo and website to see if their style jives with yours
  4. Peruse their portfolio and take your time to click through all the pages of work they have
  5. If you like what you see, contact the designer and get started!

Our Experience Using Fiverr

Ok, so as I already said, we picked our Fiverr designer based on a recommendation from a trusted Youtuber/Blogger.

We did not do any further research, we just went with this recommendation.

Was this the right move?

I’m not sure, I think looking at more designers would probably be a good idea, just to see what else is out there. 

Our reason for not doing any more research was that I thought it might lead to too many choices and indecision and we would never actually get started. 

Once we picked our designer, we had to pick the package that we wanted. 

Our designer had a choice of three: basic, intermediate, and premium.

These ranged in price from around $33 to $140.

Which Design Package Should You Pick?

If you know the exact logo design you want and you are confident that you will not need any revisions whatsoever, go with the basic package. The basic package is good if all you need is a logo and nothing else.

The medium package has a few more options generally, depending on the designer.

We chose to go with the premium option because we did not have a clear idea of what we wanted in a logo and knew that there would be revisions needed.

This is what our Premium Package included:

fiverr order

We also knew that we wanted business cards and a social media kit, as well as the unlimited revisions, so we just went for it and ponied up for the premium package.

So, how did the process go once we had chosen the designer and package?

Here is our timeline:

January 13: We placed our order.

January 15: We answered several generic questions about our brand.

Fiverr questions

January 15: Our order was started by the Designer.

January 15: The designer asked us for examples, other than hers, of designs that we like. 

January 17: We sent her some logo examples, as well as information that we wanted to appear on our business cards.

January 18: She sent us 3 preliminary logo designs. We liked one of them but overall wanted a different style of design.

January 18: We sent back a revision request, with some general feedback on our part.

January 21: She revised the logo based on our feedback, but I was still not satisfied.  

January 22: I requested another revision based on my feedback (Jon liked the design at this point so it was my decision to request another revision.)

January 24: She revised the logo again. I still was not satisfied with some of the elements in the design.

January 25: I requested yet another revision.

January 26: She sent back the revised design based on my feedback. At this point, I was really not liking the design. 

The fact that I did not know exactly what I wanted was definitely a problem at this point.

So, I went back through the designs that I sent her on January 15 to see if I could find a logo design that I liked.

I did in fact find a logo that I loved, so now I could articulate with an example, exactly what I wanted.

January 27: I requested another revision, but this time I attached the logo that I liked and described exactly what I liked about it.

January 28: She sent back a revised logo, almost a totally new design, and we LOVED it! What a relief!

January 29: We got back to her saying how much we loved it.

January 30: She sent us the source files for our logo, as well as social media banners, business card mock-up, stationery design, etc.

January 31: She sent us more source files.

February 2: We requested some minor changes in the business card template.

February 4: Everything was done to our liking, and we completed our order.

How Long Does It Take TO Get A Logo Made On Fiverr?

As you can tell from our timeline, it took 25 days from start to finish for our logo to be designed and delivered.

This was our announcement when all was said and done:

This project took 25 days and cost C$140.67.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Logo Made On Fiverr?

Well, the price depends on the package you choose. A basic logo with no extras can run around $10, while our premium package was $140.

I am sure that there are more expensive packages than that out there as well. 

I advise you to set a budget and stick to it. Take the time to find a designer who fits your budget and will deliver what you need. 

What I Learned

There are a few things I would do differently if I was to commission a logo design from Fiverr again.

1. Know what you want BEFORE you pick a designer. You can tell from our timeline that after I was clear with what I wanted, the process went MUCH quicker.

2. The turnaround time would be faster if the designer was in the same timezone as you. On average, there were a couple of days in between correspondence based on the time differences.

3. Communication is key. Try to be as clear as possible with your timeframe requirements, design elements, and pretty much everything else.

4. Respond immediately if possible. Another factor affecting turnaround time was the fact that I would not respond the same day every time, sometimes it was the day after.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for revisions, especially if you have a package that allows unlimited revisions. I always felt bad asking for redo’s but at the end of the day, it’s a logo for our business and it has to be good.

6. Leave a good review for your designer if you are satisfied with their work. Positive reviews are a big reason why they get gigs, so it’s important to leave a good one if they deserve it.

Our designer said that if we were not 100% satisfied to let her know and she would do whatever she could to make it right.

Fiverr Review

Would I Recommend Using Fiverr For Logo Design?

Yes, I would. I think we got a pretty good logo for the money we spent.

However, given the choice, I would choose to work with someone I know. 

Working with someone over the computer only and in a different timezone can present some challenges.

That being said, if you are not on a tight schedule (we weren’t) taking 25 days to complete a logo design is not a big deal. If you are on a short time frame, it might be worth it to find someone in your community or at least in your timezone in Fiverr.

Bottom Line

Using Fiverr was definitely a learning experience and in the end, I was satisfied with our logo design and designer.

If I had to do it again, I would apply what I learned during this experience, such as knowing what I want beforehand, and hopefully, the process will go a little more smoothly.

Have you used Fiverr before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Stay Local,

Kathy & Jon

your friendly neighbourhood growers



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